“Years pass. Evidence, both anecdotal and photographic, supports the fascinating power of opening up data allowing analysis of laboratory and light detection and ranging (LiDar) data to reveal the remains of a simple unit network- recollecting practice in the trenches (rediscovering 0.8% of What Really Happened). Field visits were taken.”

Date: 2016
Materials: colored pencil, graphite and ink
Size: Four 96”x 48” panels for a total size of 8’ x 16’

About the work: This work is a visiting artist commission for Orange Coast College. It now hangs in the Art Center building. Special thanks to the amazing student assistants: Lindsay Wood, Emily Jaska, Hope Noakes and Josh Tobin.

The work originated from my collaboration with a prominent brain scientist from the University of California, Irvine celebrating a major discovery in memory research. The ocean is composed of raw data from experiments on living brain tissue – the details are accurate into the millisecond range. The ‘ships’ emerged from extensive research in libraries, with computers, and at naval bases evocative of events in the scientist’s past. I became fascinated not only with the science but also with the intense struggles, arguments, and sacrifices that went into the creation of discoveries. The work is biographical as well as scientific. Integration of these and other elements occurred in the months following my immersion in the background leading to the discovery.